Your route to success
starts here at the corner!

Hourly Team Members

Your path is ready for you

Start out in the position you were hired for and savor the excellence of performing at your best while also learning more about your cafe.

From there, you can go anywhere. Love to teach others? Be a Station Trainer and share the secrets of a happy cafe with new employees. Love to travel? Be a Market Trainer and assist opening new Corner Bakery Cafes in your market – or jump on a plane and see the country! Love responsibility? Be a Key Employee, and be an essential “go to” person for your teammates. Love to lead? Be a Shift Supervisor, and help direct everyone’s talents and energies with the cafe. They’re all great steps on a path designed by you. And every step leads you to greater experiences and rewards.

Jobs at Corner Bakery Cafe Hourly Positions


Custom design your path

Corner Bakery Cafe has developed a “Stepping Stones” approach to training and development programs to help you learn and achieve at every level of your life’s journey.

Our training programs for Managers include comprehensive skills training and business leadership development. We’ll assess your experience level and assist you as you custom design a curriculum that identifies and rewards your strengths and builds on core areas. You’ll start with the basics of shift management, expand your knowledge to include the fundamentals of running a business and develop the skills you’ll need for advancement – a complete approach in a learning environment.

For everyone, it all starts with your goals and where you want to go. From personal management styles to business analysis, we’ll work with you to develop and highlight your talents to support your professional growth. You can also count on regular one-on-one feedback sessions with senior management to help further define your development pathway.

Jobs at Corner Bakery Cafe Career Training

Home Office

A tastier alternative to the corporate grind

Our Home Office team is committed to supporting our field operations.

Despite the fact that we’re always surrounded by amazing food, we’re a lean organization – designed to run as efficiently as possible. This means having the opportunity to wear many hats and learn by doing. We’re also a group that believes in sharing. Not just a scrumptious tray of desserts. We’re talking rewards…